It is a simple concept.



Remove littered waste from your own Community.



Minimize the impact by separating recyclables.



Lace up and keep it going!

We have been looking for you -

We all understand the implications of litter in our community. This "fact of life" understanding is one that you are capable of changing. It will not be easy. Are you up to the challenge? 

Change the world you live in -

By setting the example, you can spread the word. Show your City that it is not acceptable to improperly dispose of trash while promoting a healthy lifestyle. It will take time, but the message will get louder and more clear with each piece of litter you control.

Together we'll change the world we live on -

Your local efforts will raise awareness in your area, and amplify our global message. This is how, through dedication we will change the world.

It's easy to get involved -

Get moving! Walk, jog, or run your way to a cleaner community while staying active.

Pick up what litter you can. You will not be able to pick up everything on the first trip. That's fine! Pick up enough to keep it all interesting.

Log your distance and snap a photo of your haul. You can join our facebook group or share your experience on your favorite social media with the following tags:


#yourcity (I use norfolkva) 

Welcome to the fight! 

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